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NTONYX - Intelligent Music Software


  Established in 1984, NTONYX went a long way from a research lab and a team of computer music enthusiasts to a producer of internationally popular software. Our experts have managed to develop original unique technologies for musical performance modeling and morphing on the basis of intellectual analysis and transformation of MIDI data. NTONYX is in a continuous search for new solutions in this direction, regularly expanding the library of modeling algorithms and constantly finding for themselves new spheres of interest - such as development of voice banks and tools for audio technologies.

The team NTONYX is particularly grateful to Vladimir Shilov - a musician, arranger, teacher, for his active cooperation with our company for almost 20 years. He actively participated in the creation of musical examples to demonstrate the capabilities of the program Style Enhancer. Vladimir was engaged in testing applications for FM synthesizers (management program of FM synthesis via MIDI interface) Since 2004 he has been working in New Zealand, in Auckland. His main activities are associated with teaching the basics of sound synthesis and piano. Based on the experience of working with local students, Vladimir found his own School of Music, where he actively uses modern learning tools, including software companies NTONYX. Vladimir continues fruitful cooperation with us in all areas of our work.

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