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  Style Enhancer 5.0

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  Style Enhancer 5.0 -audio-MIDI workstations for composition, recording, editing and mixing and allowed to create music of high sound quality.

You can very fast create or import MIDI part, record or import Audio track, to set any number of VST effects, to do mixdown.

Style Enhancer 5.0 have also flexible and comfortable real-time control for MIDI and Audio Tracks, Clips, Envelopes.

All basic operations of recording, editing and mixing are similar to the same ones in Cubase or SONAR.

Style Enhancer 5.0 have all necessary to create music compositions od actualll any level of complexity.


  • Unlimited tracks of Audio and MIDI
  • Integrated inline audio and MIDI editing, arranging, and mixing all in one view
  • Clip-based effects
  • Mixer Pane
  • Advanced Clip Envelope Editing
  • Advanced Automation Pane
  • Convenient drawing and editing of envelopes for all parameters
  • Navigation Pane
  • Events Info/Editing Pane
  • Folder Tracks
  • Group Editing (Effectively manage and edit multiple clips or tracks)
  • Group Manager (Control multiple track strips)
  • Media Pool
  • Explorer


  • Recording/Playing/Import/Export/ Audio
  • PCM WAV 8000 - 192000 Hertz; 8, 16, 24, 32 bit, Mono, Stereo
  • MixDown project, VSTi
  • Universal Bus Architecture (Flexible routing with unlimited sends and busses)
  • VST full support
  • ASIO full support


  • Import / Export MIDI Files
  • Fully-featured MIDI Playing/Recording/Editing
  • MIDI Clips, Clips Editing
  • Fully-featured Piano Roll, Drum Editor
  • Advanced MIDI Sequencing (Display and filter multiple MIDI notes and controllers simultaneously)
  • VSTi support