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Nylon Fleta Guitar ($17.95)
Our Giga Format Bank "Nylon Fleta Guitar" contains presets with excellent traditional performance techniques, which are intended for use in parts of acoustic, including strictly academic, styles. Listen to the MP3 demo files, let your ears be a judge!

  Preset Name MIDI MP3 MP3 Size
  Nylon Fleta Guitar Full 01 - 579KB
  Nylon Fleta Guitar Full 02 - 633KB
  Nylon Fleta Guitar Full 03 295KB
  Nylon Fleta Guitar Full 04 489KB
  Nylon Fleta Guitar Soft 432KB
  Amirgal (Morph 12) 536KB
  Nylon Fleta Guitar Normal 400KB
  Marilag (Morph 6) 604KB
  Nylon Fleta Guitar Hard 243KB

Note: Amirgal (Morph 12) and Marilag (Morph 6) - "morphs" which were created by Jovan Pesec, using NTONYX StyleMorpher 2.4 for International Guitar Festival Rust 2002.

Nylon Ramirez Guitar ($19.95)
Our Giga Format Bank "Nylon Ramirez Guitar" is intended for wide genre use, in parts of pop, acoustic, as well as strictly academic styles. Presets with excellent traditional performance techniques are complemented with specially processed soundings. Listen to the MP3 demo files, let your ears be a judge!

  Preset Name MIDI MP3 MP3 Size
  Ramirez Guitar Full (demo 1) 935KB
  Ramirez Guitar Full (demo 2) 609KB
  Ramirez Guitar Soft 485KB
  Ramirez Guitar Normal 647KB
  Ramirez Guitar Hard 304KB
  Ramirez Guitar Ensemble (Stereo) 742KB
  Ramirez Guitar Multistring 469KB
  Ramirez Guitar Wah (FilterFX) 355KB
  Ramirez Guitar AnalogSynth 466KB

More info about Nylon Ramirez Guitar...

GigaSounds Pro Stereo Collection ($39)
We offer a collection of high-quality voices designed by NTONYX sound-engineers for professional music production. This collection consists of 3 sections - Real Acoustic Instruments, Unique voices created with the Physical Modeling and Performance Modeling technologies (2PM), and Exclusive legendary Yamaha DX7 voices, created with the help of NTONYX "voice morphing technology" (MDX7). Dreaming about your personal sound style? NTONYX GigaSounds Pro Stereo Collection - that's what will enable you to rise on a new level of the pro sound.

Listen to the MP3 demo files, let your ears be a judge! (The NTONYX Performance Modeling technology was used for the creation of demo examples).

Real Acoustic Instruments
  Name Type MIDI MP3 MP3 Size SF Size
  Grand Piano Piano 0,5M 20,1M
  Horn Brass 0,5M 7,4M
  Steel Hard Guitar Guitar 0,38M 1,08M
  Nylon Guitar Stereo Guitar 0,38M 1,64M
  Alto Sax 1 Reed 0,56M 10M
  Soprano Sax Bright Reed 0,37M 10,8M
  Soprano Sax Soft Reed 0,37M 9,92M
  Tenor Sax Reed 0,56M 1,98M
  Flute Bambuk Reed 0,53M 5,08M
  Flute Bengalian Reed 0,3M 2,59M
  Flute China Reed 0,47M 5,58M
  Flute Indian Reed 0,5M 6,14M
  Japan Flute Ruteki Reed 0,5M 7,04M
  Pan Flute Reed 0,45M 1,97M
  Wood Flute Reed 0,52M 1,82M
  Recorder Tenor Reed 0,18M 10,4M
  Oboe Reed 0,22M 3,78M
  F Strings Strings 0,17M 1,91M
  Cello Strings 0,36M 14,2M
  Orchestra Strings 1 Strings 0,47M 3,63M
  Strings Strings 0,18M 1,98M
  Violin Full Strings 0,58M 25,2M
  Drums Kit Brush Drums 0,36M 2,9M
  TR-909 Stereo Drums 0,26M 3,00M
Physical Modeling and Performance Modeling voices (2PM)
  Name MIDI MP3 MP3 Size SF Size
Breath-Boom 2PM 0,56M 5,53M
Chemical Nylon Guitar 2PM 0,44M 5,23M
Flucello 2PM 0,59M 9,25M
Lesopoval Lead 2PM 0,49M 10,5M
Push Noise 2PM 0,56M 9,31M
  Water Cat 2PM 0,4M 5,33M
Warm Bass 2PM 0,52M 2,26M
  Wild Horse 2PM 0,47M 3,73M
Exclusive Yamaha DX7 voices (MDX7)
  Name MIDI MP3 MP3 Size SF Size
  Chemical Brass MDX7 0,53M 3,16M
  Chemical Organ MDX7 0,51M 2,3M
  Industrial Lead+Pad MDX7 0,52M 2,45M
  Noise-Boom MDX7 0,31M 6,37M
  Radio Noizer MDX7 0,54M 2,22M
  Rubber Lead MDX7 0,66M 2,23M
  Shaking Gluk MDX7 0,53M 3,31M
  Water Harp MDX7 0,53M 2,43M
  Zeenet MDX7 0,41M 2,29M