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From this page you can download freely distributed NTONYX GigaSounds..
Free of charge for any usage. Unless in any case of distribution the mention of our URL: http://ntonyx.com would be highly appreciated.

  Name MIDI MP3 MP3 Size SF Size Download
  El. Piano 1 0,5M 1,56M
  Pianino 0,5M 1,46M
  Fretless Bass 0,27M 0,98M
  English Horn 0,3M 1,18M
  Clean Guitar 0,5M 0,6M
  Jazz Guitar 0,44M 0,53M
  Recorder Soprano 0,3M 7,68M
  K Strings 0,19M 3,66M
  Zed Bass 2PM 0,29M 2,05M
  Crazy Crystal MDX7 0,53M 1,03M
  Roll Pad MDX7 0,24M 2,87M
  Warm Lead MDX7 0,53M 3,69M
  Chemical Clarinet MDX7 0,53M 2,24M
  ELP Piano MDX7 0,32M 1,64M
  Zero Lead MDX7 0,34M 2,24M
  Pigbon MDX7 0,52M 2,26M

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