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  ... I listened to all of your MIDI examples. They are stunning! They really motivate a person to learn how to use the program properly... Also, your original compositions are excellent! ...
John Bartelt

... The demo songs sound pretty impressive, I must admit...
... thanks for this real nice song. Indeed, I didn't hear a better trumpet yet. (About "One Step Between Love and Hatred" - NTONYX remark)
... thanks very much for the new song. It's good and it's "alive" as ever ... (About "Time of Parting Conversation"- NTONYX remark)
Michael Banz (Michael's Yamaha XG Midi Page)

... Thanks for those Alexei - they were very nice pieces of music - I enjoyed them very much. Were these made using SE?... ("Dreams About Bekma River" - NTONYX remark).
... GOODNESS !!!!
... Have just listened to this piece - IT WAS AMAZING !!!
... Sorry to shout but I could not believe it. It was the most exciting SE file I have heard to date... (About "XG Shamanism" written by L.Rih - NTONYX remark).
Jose' Ortiz (Heavenly Music Productions)

... I've been listening to the "Time of Parting Conversation". I think it is a great song and you are a great musician. Really amazing!
Francesco Rossi

... I thought the XG conversion of the song "Another Woman" and the techniques you used in the file were excellent. Thanks for such a nice song one of the best XG files I have heard for ages...
David Kelly

... I like your latest three songs. (About "She Could Change Nothing", "Spring in Alaska", "Don't Say Farewell to Beloved " - NTONYX remark) Kind of like trance/techno crossed with ethnic (??). I noticed you have a propensity to solo instruments, with different ones coming in and out at various times ...
Gregory C. Jones (The Lord Leto II)

... I've heard your "Oriental Bazaar" and I think it's an interesting release. Where are you from? I'm also really interested in the software you mention in this song... Tell me about please...!
... Whao! I'm now listening to your "To Helen about Helen". Great! You're a guitarist, isn't it? I would love to armonisate in arpegios like yours some of my songs, but it seems impossible without editing a lot...

... I just downloaded some of your XG songs from the web. They are really cool. It's a big difference to pass a midi file through the Performance modeling software...
Molner Endre

... Visited your Site ... Lovely Music...
... Well done ... it was a pleasure to listen...

... It is surprising, the first time I am listening a MIDI-file and do not address attention to technology - music has carried me away...(About "Slavonic Soul" - NTONYX remark).
Andrey Yermolayev (Lead tone-engineer of NGC Studio)