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Onyx Arranger demo songs created by Leonid Rikh

MP3: Don't Call Me Now.mp3 [1,81 MB]
MIDI: Don't Call Me Now (L).mid
Onyx Project: Don't Call Me Now (L).opr
This is a blues manner song created on basis of only one five-measure OOStyle - Count Basie's "Count On The Blues intro". First piano track and second Sax solo track were played by me on a MIDI keyboard and then processed using FX Chains. Track 4 was created from the current chord sequences using Rendering command and then transformed by a guitar accompaniment Modeler PMStyle. Orchestrator settings, Clips mixing, Fills and Envelopes editing allowed achieving the desired song structure.

MP3: Happy Days.mp3 [1,54 MB]
MIDI: Happy Days (L).mid
Onyx Project: Happy Days (L).opr
This is a light Latin-Jazz composition in which 3 OOStyles are used. As you can see, almost all "music" is generated by the OOStyles and only a melody track was played in real-time using a MIDI keyboard. Although only 3 OOStyles are used in more than 7 parts, the musical expression is achieved thanks to different Orchestrator settings. The simple melody sounds quite alive due to the use of MIDI FX Chain, which includes AutoPhraser and 2 Modelers. It is easy to play a melody knowing that a powerful FX Chain will turn it into a good-sounding track.

MP3: Father's Message.mp3 [3,09 MB]
MIDI: Father's Message (L).mid
Onyx Project: Father's Message (L).opr
This is a Rock-Pop song based on the Mark Knopfler's "Money for Nothing" OOStyle. To enrich the basic style, the Ace of Base's "Don't Turn Around" OOStyle was used. Orchestrator settings, Clips mixing and Envelopes editing allowed achieving the desired song structure. Three Solo tracks were recorded using MIDI keyboard. All musical nuances of Solos are produced by MIDI FX Chains, adjusted for Overdriven Guitar, Distortion Guitar and Whistle.

MP3: Let's Jam a Jazz.mp3 [1,57 MB]
MIDI: Let's Jam a Jazz (L).mid
Onyx Project: Let's Jam a Jazz (L).opr
In this demo song only 3 jazz manner OOStyles were used, and they were applied not only in their initial Meters. Traditional gradually complicated jazz harmony follows the variable meter without affecting initial phrasing and makes it sound live and natural. Please see that from measures 7 up to 19, as well as in other places, D.Brubeck's "Take Five" (5/4 Meter) was used in 4/4 Meter. Also C.Basie's "Count On The Blues" (4/4 Meter) and D.Brubeck's "Take Five" (5/4 Meter) in measures 33 up to 38 was used in 3/4 Meter. From measure 47 D.Baaska's " War&Peace" (4/4 Meter) was on the contrary used in meter 5/4 and the use of swing rhythmic figure contributes to obscuring the currently run meter! And it all is sounding as if the Orchestra styles were in their original meters. (Yes, and the first piano track (quite a simple tune) was played by me on a MIDI-keyboard; the same styles were used with different Orchestrator settings, also some clips are mixed, which allowed to get a smoother nature of song parts combining.)

Main Onyx Arranger examples

01L If I Played Piano Better.mid
02L Beatles and Led Zeppelin can be married using NTONYX MOM Technology.mid
03L How ONE OOStyle Can Sound On ONE Chord.mid
04L How OOStyle Structure & Fill Position Can Be Changed.mid
05L How 4'4M OOStyle Can Work in 3'4 5'8 and 3'8 Meters.mid
06L How 6'8M OOStyle Can Work in 5'8 4'8 and 3'8 Meters.mid
07L How OOStyle Content Will Be Morphed To New Harmony Rhythm.mid
08L Piano Moods (Variable Tempo Example).mid
19L No Woman No Cry (Auto-Harmonization in Bb Minor).mid
20L No Woman No Cry (Auto-Harmonization in Db Major).mid

Intelligent Auto-Harmony (IAH) examples

W02 Moscow Nights - AMinor (AutoSearch).mid
W03 Moscow Nights - AMinor (20 Special SD100 R50).mid
W04 Moscow Nights - AMinor (AutoSearch).mid
W05 Moscow Nights - AMinor (05 MjMn Pop SD70 R20).mid
W06 Moscow Nights - AMinor (AutoSearch).mid
W07 Moscow Nights - AMinor (17 MnMj Only IV&V Steps R20).mid
W08 Moscow Nights - AMinor (16 MnMj Only I Step R20).mid
W09 Moscow Nights - AMinor (AutoSearch).mid
Y01 No Woman No Cry - BbMinor (AutoSearch).mid
Y02 No Woman No Cry - DbMajor (04 MjMn Folk Full R20).mid
Y03 No Woman No Cry - DbMajor (07 MjMn PopJazz(xMj) R40).mid
Y04 No Woman No Cry - DbMajor (21 AllBase On Inv R20).mid
Y05 No Woman No Cry - DbMajor (05 MjMn Pop SD70 R20).mid
Y06 No Woman No Cry - BbMinor (AutoSearch).mid
Y07 No Woman No Cry - DbMajor (17 MnMj Only IV&V Steps R20).mid
Y08 No Woman No Cry - DbMajor (16 MnMj Only I Step R20).mid
Y09 No Woman No Cry - DbMajor (01 Simple 3Chs R15).mid
Z01 Absurd Tune - FMajor (AutoSearch).mid
Z03 Absurd Tune - BbMajor (AutoSearch).mid
Z04 Absurd Tune - DMinor (20 Special SD100 R50).mid
Z05 Absurd Tune - FMajor (AutoSearch).mid

Other Musical Object Morphing (MOM) examples

MOM fans, let the fun begin! Enjoy the freedom of combining genres without limit. Listen to Led Zeppelin accompany Besame Mucho or the Beatles; listen to Ace of Base accompany popular German song! Listen to the examples to hear MOM technology display its powers in the Onyx. This is serious fun!

  Besame Mucho (Initial) Alle Vogel Sind Schon Da* (Initial)
Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin) (Initial) morph morph 1
morph 2
All What She Wants (Ace Of Base) (Initial) morph morph 1
morph 2
To Helen About Helen (Alexei Ustinov) (Initial) morph morph
War & Peace (Don Baasko) (Initial) morph morph
Top Secret (Farid) (Initial) morph morph
Rave (Alik Lavelin) (Initial) morph morph
Bombay Policeman (RAVALEX) (Initial) morph morph
* To demonstrate some of the possibilities of the MOM technology, we have chosen the popular German song (Alle Vlgen Sind Schon Da) to celebrate the host country for the FMM where Onyx will be announced for the first time.
All examples zipped [187KB]