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Musical Object Morphing (MOM)
Music Object Morphing enables a user to transform any music object such as a song into another according to a template. The Onyx implements one idea of the MOM technology in which any midi file can be used as a template to create a new midi file or transform another midi file.
We can explain it this way. Suppose you have composed a song. How would your song sound if it were arranged by say, the Beatles, G.Benson or Mozart in the style of one of their famous songs? The MOM technology enables you to do exactly that. It uses the Beatle's song, "Yesterday", for example, as a template, and automatically arranges your song in that style at the click of a button.
MOM does this amazing act of musical magic by first analyzing the template and creating a new "style" of arranging. This style is then applied to your song. The style can also be saved for future use. Each and every one of the hundreds of thousands of midi files available can be used as a template.
Moreover, thanks to MOM, you can arrange your songs without losing a single note or even a single scale step. If a template includes a chromatic bass line, or a chord "played around" by transitional notes, all of them will be preserved in the MOM style and you will see it in your song. You can freely compose a fast and dense harmony progression, or use just one chord in your song. That style will be faithfully followed as a template. From now on, you can forget about those dull robotic arrangers, which when they see the Cmaj chord cannot think of anything better than the simple triad of C, E and G notes.
Intelligent Auto-harmony (IAH)
Harmony is like clothing for a melody, a wrapper. It can change the character of a melody in the most beautiful ways. It can decorate, hide, highlight and emphasize. It can create a new character. Induce a new mood. If melody is the soul, harmony is the body.
Unfortunately, writing harmony is a highly technical task. While even an untrained child can create a new melody with ease, writing harmony needs special training and skill. While attempts have been made to use the computer for harmonizing a melody, most people believe that this is a very difficult, if not impossible, task for the computer. We agree.
However, we have solved the main issues in auto-harmony and this technology is included in the Onyx. Harmony with a wonderful human quality for a melody can be generated in real time in a number of styles in each genre at the click of a button according to user preferences, which can be saved as presets. We believe that the Onyx can even help or inspire even professional (human) arrangers.