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  Styles Set #6 includes more than 50 new Performance Modeling algorithms, including Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno, Classic, and Ethnic styles. In this Set you will find new bright Piano, Pizzicato, Accordion, Banjo and Strings accompaniment, beautiful English Horn with ethnic manner, wonderful Guitar solos, original Synth ''Crazy Noise Tail'' Solo. A few cool synth Pulsation styles are included too. Enhanced 3/4 Meter drum styles include smart delay algorithms, which provide you with an easy way to create drum parts or patterns from a very simple initial part. Besides the basic over 50 styles in Styles Set #6 there are also included a few useful "Z" auxiliary styles.

You can take a quick look at how Styles work right now. Just click the following MIDI examples: Styles Set #6 MIDI Examples in zipped file [175 KB].

Note: The optional SEM2.0 Styles Sets will only work with the Full Version Style Enhancer. Optional Style Sets will not work with the limited version of the SEM2.0 Lite.


  • Accordion 120P4'4G 09A Rhythm Fill
  • Accordion 130P3'4G 07A Rhythm Fill
  • Banjo 110P4'4G 04A Rhythm Fill
  • Bass 100P4'4G 36A Generation 8-th Octave Fill from Chords
  • Bass 120P3'4G 34A Generation Line from Chords
  • Bass 120P3'4G 35A Generation Pop Line from Chords
  • Brass Section 100SP 04A Chords Jazz and Simple Solo
  • Celesta 120P3'4G 02A ''FAIRY TALE'' Rhythm Fill with Ornaments
  • Celesta 120P4'4G 01A ''FAIRY TALE'' Rhythm Fill
  • Cello 080P4'4G 06A Solo Generation from Chords
  • Drums 100PS3'4G 13A Enhancing & Smart Delay for M3'4 GM Set (#35-70)
  • Drums 110PS3'4G 12A Enhancing & Smart Delay for M3'4 GM Set (#35-70)
  • English Horn 100S 01A ''SCOTCH'' Solo
  • English Horn 100S 01B ''SCOTCH'' Solo and Major Transformation
  • Flute 100P4'4G 17B Folk 8-th Triplet Solo Generation from Chords
  • Flute 100S 16A ''MINSTREL'' Solo with 8-th Ornaments
  • Flute 120P4'4G 17A Folk Solo Generation from Chords
  • Flute 120P4'4G 18A Generation Pop Riff from Chords
  • Guitar 100P4'4G 60A Classic Rhythm Fill with Ornaments
  • Guitar 110SP 61A Pop Solo Lyrical Simple and Chords
  • Guitar Acoustic 110S 10A Solo with Ornaments and Double Line
  • Guitar Distortion 110S 14A Solo Lyrical with Ornaments
  • Harmonica 090SG 03A Solo with Overtones
  • Human Voice 100S 07A Solo with 8-th Ornaments
  • Human Voice 100SP 09A Chords Soft Back-Vocal and Solo
  • Orchestra Hit 130P4'4G 01A Pop Rhythm Fill from Chords
  • Organ 090P4'4G 05A Classic ''BACH'' Rhythm Fill
  • Organ 120P4'4G 06A Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 110P4'4G 26A ''STORM'' 8-th triplet Arpeggio
  • Piano 120P3'4G 24A Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 120P3'4G 25A Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 120P4'4G 27A ''ASTOR'' Tango Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 120P4'4G 28A Tango Rhythm Fill
  • Pizzicato 100P4'4G 09A Lyrical Rhythm Fill
  • Pizzicato 110SP 11A Chords and Simple Solo
  • Pizzicato 125P4'4G 08A Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Sax 120P4'4G 12A Generation Pop Riff from Chords
  • Sax 120SP 11A Chords Soft Breathy and Simple Solo
  • Shakuhachi 090P4'4G 01A Generation Solo with Ornaments from Chords
  • Strings 100SP 06A Chords Soft and Simple Solo
  • Strings 125P3'4G 07A Classic Rhythm Fill
  • Strings 130P3'4G 05A ''SPRING'' Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Strings 130P4'4G 08A Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Synth 100SP 10A Chords Soft and Simple Solo
  • Synth 110S 12A ''Crazy Noise Tail'' Solo
  • Synth 130P4'4G 08A Electronic Rhythm Fill from Chords
  • Synth 130P4'4G 09A Electronic Triplet Rhythm Fill from Chords
  • Synth 130P4'4G 11A ''Wave Pulse'' 16-th Rhythm Fill from Chords
  • Trumpet 110SP 08A Chords Breathy and Simple Solo
  • Vibraphone 100SG 04A Solo with Double Line
  • Z Auxiliary 23A Solo with Double Line
  • Z Auxiliary 24A Score to Medieval Major
  • Z Auxiliary 24B Score to Oriental Minor
  • Z Auxiliary 24C Score to Chinese Major
  • Z Auxiliary 24D Score to Original Major