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  Styles Set #7 - 50 new Performance Modeling algorithms, including Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno, Classic, and Ethnic styles. In this Set you will find new algorithms for Meter 7/8, as well as an original accompaniment generation styles "5/4 in 4/4" and "7/8 in 4/4".

You can take a quick look at how Styles work right now. Just click the following MIDI examples: Styles Set #7 MIDI Examples in zipped file [99,4KB].

Note: The optional SEM2.0 Styles Sets will only work with the Full Version Style Enhancer. Optional Style Sets will not work with the limited version of the SEM2.0 Lite.


  • Accordion 100P4'4G 10A 5'4 in 4'4 Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Accordion 60P4'4G 11A 8-th triplet Rhythm Fill
  • Accordion 130P4'4G 12A Latin Rhythm Fill
  • Accordion 130P4'4G 12B Latin Rhythm Fill
  • Banjo 110P4'4G 05A Rhythm Fill
  • Bass 120P4'4G 37A Generation 5'4 in 4'4 Fill from Chords
  • Bass 120P4'4G 38A Generation 7'8 in 4'4 Fill from Chords
  • Bass 90P4'4G 39A Generation Trance Fill from Chords
  • Bass 130P4'4G 40A Generation Techno Rhythm Fill
  • Bass 60P4'4G 41A Generation Ballad Line from Chords
  • Bass 85P7'8G 42A Generation M7'8 Pop Line from Chords
  • Bass 85P7'8G 42B Generation M7'8 Pop Line from Chords
  • Cello 70P4'4G 07A Generation Baroque Rhythm Fill
  • Cello 50P4'4G 08A Generation Baroque 8-th triplet Fill (Notes to Pitch)
  • Fiddle 110P4'4G 02A Generation Folk Rhythm Fill
  • Flute 85SG 19A Solo ''SHAMAN''
  • Flute 110P4'4G 20A Generation Ethnic Fill from Chords
  • Guitar 130P4'4G 62A Swing Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 120P4'4G 63A 5'4 in 4'4 Folk Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 85P4'4G 64A Country Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 85P4'4G 64B Country Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 90P4'4G 65A ''TITANIC'' Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 50P4'4G 66A Romantic Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 60P4'4G 67A Steel Ballad Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar 75P4'4G 68A Rock Ballad Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar Distortion 90P4'4G 15A Pock Rhythm Fill
  • Guitar Distortion 180P4'4G 16A Rock Rhythm Fill
  • Harp 80P4'4G 01A Generation Classic Fill
  • Harpsichord 120P4'4G 05A Baroque Rhythm Fill
  • Human Voice 80SG 10A ''MONKS'' Solo with Double Line
  • Koto 85SG 01A Solo
  • Organ 120P4'4G 07A Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Organ 60P4'4G 08A Classic 8-th triplet Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 130P4'4G 29A Regtime Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 110P4'4G 30A Regtime 16-th triplet Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 120P4'4G 31A 5'4 in 4'4 Jazz Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 120P4'4G 32A 7'8 in 4'4 Jazz Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 90P4'4G 33A Generation Warm Arpeggio from Chords
  • Piano 80P4'4G 34A Pop Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 120P4'4G 35A Generation ''CHILD'' Rhythm Fill
  • Piano 90P7'8G 36A Generation M7'8 Pop Fill from Chords
  • Shanai 85SG 01B Solo
  • Strings 75P4'4G 08A 32-nd Rhythm Fill
  • Strings 80P4'4G 10A Romantic Rhythm Fill
  • Strings 120P4'4G 11A 5'4 in 4'4 Jazz Rhythm Fill
  • Synth 140P4'4G 13A Electric Rhythm Fill
  • Synth 90P4'4G 14A Generation ''ENIGMA'' Melodic Fill
  • Trumpet 110S 10A Classic Solo
  • Vibraphone 120P4'4G 05A Generation ''CHILD'' Rhythm Fill