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From this page you can download freely distributed NTONYX SoundFonts.
Free of charge for any usage. Unless in any case of distribution the mention of our URL: http://ntonyx.com would be highly appreciated.

SoundFont 32Mb GM Stereo Set
This big GM Set is a result of the research of our experts and sound-engineers, aimed to achieve pro quality sound when playing back a standard GM file. Using this Set will save your time for you won't have to search separate high-quality voices any more - all of them are assembled in just one set. Whether you produce Pop, Rock, Dance or Techno, New Age, Funk, Jazz or Classical music, you can now easily find realistic and deep sounding instruments for your compositions. Aspiring to be a pro-sounding author, want to create your own CD-quality music on your desk-top? SoundFont 32M GM Stereo Set from NTONYX - that all you need now!

Listen to the demo files, let your ears be a judge! Compare the MP3 demos of this set, with your GM set playing the MIDI file. (The NTONYX Performance Modeling technology was used for the creation of demo examples).

  Name MIDI MP3 MP3 Size
  Favourite Girl 1,75M
  Good Mood 0,9M
  I'll Sing You 3,38M
  Top Secret 2,31M
  World Dance 2,31M
64 MB RAM or more
SB Live!, EMU APS or compatible sound card

Click here to download SoundFont 32Mb GM Stereo Set.

Other NTONYX SoundFonts

  Name MIDI MP3 MP3 Size SF Size Download
  El. Piano 1 0,5M 1,56M
  Pianino 0,5M 1,46M
  Fretless Bass Stereo 0,27M 0,98M
  Synth Bass 0,35M 0,5M
  English Horn 0,3M 1,18M
  Clean Guitar 0,5M 0,6M
  Jazz Guitar 0,44M 0,53M
  Recorder Soprano 0,3M 7,68M
  K Strings 0,19M 3,66M
  Zed Bass 2PM 0,29M 2,05M
  Crazy Crystal MDX7 0,53M 1,03M
  Roll Pad MDX7 0,24M 2,87M
  Warm Lead MDX7 0,53M 3,69M
  Chemical Clarinet MDX7 0,53M 2,24M
  ELP Piano MDX7 0,32M 1,64M
  Zero Lead MDX7 0,34M 2,24M
  Pigbon MDX7 0,52M 2,26M

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