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  NTONYX StyleMorpher 2.4 (SM2.4) - is an easy to use, real-time tool for Morphing the Harmony, Meter, Rhythm, Voices (and more) of your MIDI song. One original song can be Morphed into many!

From Waltz to Beat, from Blues to Swing, from Rock Ballads to Ethnic

Pulse in 5/4 Meter, from Blue to Cheerful, from Romantic to Melancholy, and back and much, much more! But, is this all possible? YES! With NTONYX StyleMorpher 2.4 it is more than possible! What else prevents you from composing MUSIC now? - NOTHING!
Harmony, Meter, Rhythmic Structure, Music Figures, Set of Voices are very important components of a composition. Even subtle changes can make a huge difference in the feel and texture of a song. Now it is very easy to create a vast number of entirely "new" songs, patterns or riffs on the basis of just one initial song (or fragment of a song) using NTONYX StyleMorpher's powerful algorithms.
Expand boundaries of your music, achieve serious results as well as have fun with this creative and interactive tool. You provide the initial song or fragment; SM2.4 provides the rules and framework. You decide which parameters within SM2.4 to adjust and then you decide if you like the results SM2.4 has provided. Please note, new results are received in real-time!
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  JB     JB1     JB2     JB3     JB4     JB5     JB6     JBn  
  LS     LS1     LS2     LS3     LS4     LS5     LS6     LSn  
  RR     RR1     RR2     RR3     RR4     RR5     RR6     RRn  
  NC     NC1     NC2     NC3     NC4     NC5     NC6     NCn  
  LG     LG1     LG2     LG3     LG4     LG5     LG6     LGn  
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SM2.4 - is an easy to use and powerful MIDI tool, focused towards composers, arrangers and music fans. SM2.4 is intended to create many different types of transformations of MIDI-songs or fragments of songs. Thus, SM2.4 creates rhythm, meter, harmonic and other translations of your original MIDI source material.

The principal of SM2.4's work is applying an algorithm to the initial song or song fragment. The rules of this algorithm create a translation of the original work. SM2.4 has 6 types of transformations determined by the algorithm used. These algorithms are sensitive to the musical content of the selected MIDI file hence using the same transformation on different MIDI files will provide different results. This program allows you to create a new song using the transformations. The final resulting songs depends both upon the original source MDI file and the type of transformation selected. Thus, SM2.4 applies special algorithms to a MIDI song and creates a harmonically, rhythm, meter, etc. altered song.

To make StyleMorpher play with standalone Soft Synth you could use Virtual loopback MIDI cable for Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 32 and 64-bit.


Works as a stand-alone real-time MIDI Tool.
Convenient panel for easy and instant production of a vast number of new variants for a song or its fragments.
Transformation of all tracks of a song simultaneously.
6 types of transformation, sensitive to the musical context of the initial song - Music Figure, Meter, Rhythm, Harmony, Voice, Random influences.
8 modes of transformation for each type.
Flexible and convenient Tempo rate settings.
Special "To a Single Chord" function.
Special "To a Single Tonality" function with the Key Signature Event insert.
Convenient Filter for deleting events (controllers) in a song, which also allow you to assign a constant value to the Tempo parameter.
A special mode of saving a song by separate Clips of variable length.
Automatic file naming with inclusion of transformation types in the file name.
A special "Batch Processing" mode for processing a set of songs by a random combination of transformation modes.
Transposing of the entire song by desired number of semitones.
Note 1: SM2.4 is intended to transform General Midi files in either format 0 or format 1. In case of an XG-file transformation it is necessary that the Patch numbers corresponded to correct GM ones. It is unnecessary to set the Bank number. All drum tracks will be recognized correctly due to the Bank number. For all other files (not GM and XG) it is necessary, that the Patches be assigned according to the list of GM voices. The drums should be on MIDI channel 10, and follow standard GM drum sounds. It is not necessary to set the drum bank.
Note 2: SM2.4 is intended to transform General Midi files in either format 0 or format 1. Rhythm and Meter transformations are intended to transform 4/4, 6/4, 8/4, 3/4 and 6/8 Meters.


system requirements
Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit and 64-bit).