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Price: $39.00

  ... Your company, and your products have certainly gained a lot of attention and respect. You are the leaders in this particular area... Apart from using computer/music programs, I was for 30 years a T.V.& FILM composer and a studio arranger. These new areas you are moving into are significant and important for music! Let me know if I can be of assistance... This is a very powerful tool!!
Richard Clements

After the first performance of v i r u s, at the International Guitar Festival Rust 2002 Jose Luis Ruiz del Puerto asked me per phone for a composition for guitar solo ... Starting the design of the piece, it was complete clear to me, what I have to do ... The twelve morphs of g.i.l.m.a.r.a.n.u.a were designed using the help of StyleMorpher 2.4, a great program, developed by wonderful NTONYX team ...
Jovan Pesec, Austria, home: http://www.jovanpesec.net