Need a reason to add Onyx to your music software arsenal? We'll give you 7:

Extremely flexible generation of modern, hip arrangements!
To create a new song with Onyx, simply type in or select chords from the list or load in a premade progression or harmonize your melody with Harmonizer. Then, choose one or more Onyx Orchestrator Styles (OOStyle) you wish to use in your song, and press Play. Onyx will also breathe life into plain MIDI with its real-time MIDI FX chain, including the Data Humanizing Modeler.
Easily convert a MIDI file to an Onyx Orchestrator Style!
An OOStyle can be easily created from any MIDI file and preserves Meter and Tempo changes, rhythmic and harmony structure and ALL of your performance nuances without editing any of the source MIDI data. Being applied to your song the style is morphed according to its harmony and meter. Onyx creates "More Music Out of Music" thanks to its Musical Object Morphing technology!
Smart fusion of arranger and traditional MIDI-sequencer!
When using a software arranging tool for music creation, wouldn't you like to have a convenient complete visualization of all the MIDI data with conventional Piano-Rolls, Controller Views, Event Lists, Volume, Pan envelopes editing, etc. ? Just as when you use a traditional MIDI-sequencer, wouldn't you like to have functions similar to a visual arranger program in addition to powerful MIDI editing? Is it possible to combine them? Yes, it's all Onyx.
Intelligent Multimode Harmonizer
You can make a great sounding song from your melody in seconds with the Onyx Harmonizer! It can automatically recognize the Key and Scale of any melody (and any key changes), and find several appropriate high quality chord progressions for your melody in a number of different styles (Pop, Jazz, Folk, Classic, Gypsy, etc.) and moods.
Advanced chord / scale system
The Onyx arranging system includes more than 100 chord types and their inversions sorted into convenient groups: Associated Chords, Inversions of Associated Chords, Limited set Chords, Any Chords. This system also automatically indicates the appropriateness of an inserted chord to the current Key/Scale while taking on five basic scale tonalities - Minor, Major, Blues Minor, Blues Major, Gypsy.
Powerful real-time MIDI FX set with the unique NTONYX Modeler
The set includes AutoPhraser, Controller Adjuster, Drum Adjuster, Event Filter, Quantizer and the unique NTONYX Performance Modeler. You can build FX chains using any number of FXs in any sequence making your favorite flavour of data transformation and save it for instant recall. Try our tools and you will be surprised at how lifelike your tools can sound!
Large OOStyle / PMStyle sets included!
The Onyx Orchestrator Style library includes more than 500 rich internal data styles based on internationally acclaimed music.
Get Onyx Arranger now and start making your own hit songs today!