Styles Set #4 for Style Enhancer Micro 2.0

Styles Set #4 expands the opportunities of your SE Micro with 50 additional styles. The set includes the algorithms for Performance Modeling Pop, Rock, Dance, Easy Listening, Ethnic and Classic. In Styles Set #4 you will find cool new Basses, Piano accompaniment, beautiful Flamenco and Blues Guitars.
Several classic instruments are also part of the set, including Harpsichord, Bassoon, Clarinet, Cello, Violin, Viola, and bright String orchestra accompaniments - many of these Styles exhibit a vibrant Renaissance influence. Besides the basic over 50 styles "Z" auxiliary Styles are also included.
You can take a quick look at how Styles work right now. Just click the following MIDI examples: Styles Set #4 MIDI Examples in zipped file [175KB].
Note: The optional SEM2.0 Styles Sets will only work with the Full Version Style Enhancer. Optional Style Sets will not work with the limited version of the SEM2.0 Lite.
Styles Set #4
Accordion 100P2'4G 05A Polka Rhythm Fill
Banjo 100P4'4G 03A Accompaniment with 8-th Triplet Based Fill
Bass 090P4'4G 24A Generation Fast Blues Line from Chords
Bass 100PS4'4G 31A Generation Rock Fill from Chords (Notes to Pitch)
Bass 110P3'4G 27A Generation Original Line with 16-th Inserts from Chords
Bass 110P4'4G 26A Generation 8-th Line from Chords (Notes to Pitch)
Bass 110P4'4G 28A Generation R&B Line from Chords
Bass 125P4'4G 25A Generation Bossa Nova Line from Chords
Bass 160P4'4G 29A Generation Beat Line from Chords
Bassoon 100S 01A Solo Classic Simple
Cello 080P3'4S 04A Renaissance Rhythm Fill
Cello 080S 05A Solo Legato Classic
Cello 085P4'4G 03A Renaissance Rhythm Fill
Cello 110S 01A Solo Renaissance Manner
Cello 110SG 02A Solo Renaissance Manner with Trill
Clarinet 100S 01A Solo Traditional Legato
Clarinet 100S 02A Solo Traditional Simple
Flute 070S 13A Solo Brazilian Manner
Flute 100S 11A Solo ''MINSTREL''
Flute 100SG 12A Solo ''MINSTREL'' with Trill
Guitar 115P4'4G 58A Blues Rhythm
Guitar 120P4'4G 57A Pop Rhythm Fill
Guitar 140P4'4G 56A Flamenco Arpeggio
Harpsichord 080P3'4G 01A Renaissance Rhythm Fill
Harpsichord 100SG 04A Solo Renaissance Manner with Trill
Harpsichord 110P4'4G 02A Renaissance Rhythm Fill
Harpsichord 110P4'4G 03A Renaissance Rhythm Fill
Human Voice 090S 06A Solo Sweet Vibrato
Piano 070P4'4G 16A 32nd Arpeggio
Piano 070P4'4G 18A Tremolo-Arpeggio
Piano 070P4'4G 23A Shuffle 8-thTriplet Fill
Piano 090P4'4G 13A Lyrical 8-th Rhythm Fill
Piano 090P4'4G 14A Lyrical 8-th Triplet Arpeggio
Piano 090P4'4G 17A Double 16-th Arpeggio
Piano 090P4'4G 20A Soft Pop Rhythm Fill
Piano 090P4'4G 21A Soft Ambient Fill
Piano 110P4'4G 22A Electro-Pop Fill
Piano 115P4'4G 15A Foxtrot Rhythm Fill
Piano 125P3'4G 11A ''VIENNESE WALTZ'' Chords and Bass
Piano 125P4'4G 12A Pop Chords and Bass Track
Sax 090S 10A Solo Sweet Vibrato
Sax 170S 09A Solo Fast Pop
Strings 080P4'4G 03A Romantic Rhythm Fill from Chords
Strings 100P4'4G 04A Lyrical 8-th Triplet Rhythm Fill
Strings 110P4'4G 02A Classic Rhythm Fill from Chords
Synth 090P 06A Synth Pad Gliding Chords
Viola 100S 01A Solo Romantic Legato
Violin 100S 03A Solo Legato Classic
Violin 100SP 04A Solo Free Legato and Chords
Violin 100SP 05A Solo Soft Articulation
Z 11A Score to Random Number of Notes in #40-80 Range
Z 11B Score to Random Number of Notes in #40-60 Range
Z 11C Score to Random Number of Notes in #20-40 Range
Z 11D Score to Random Number of Notes in #60-80 Range
Z 12A Random Value of Velocity
Z 13A Random Value of Duration
Z 14A Random Value of Start Time
Z 15A Increase of Velocity of GM Hi-Hat (#42,44,46)
Z 15B Increase of Velocity of GM Snares & Side Stick (#37,38,40)
Z 15C Increase of Velocity of GM Bass Drums (#35,36)
Z 15D Increase of Velocity of GM Toms (#41,43,45,47,48,50)
Z 15E Increase of Velocity of GM Bongos & Congas (#60,61,62,63,64)
Z 15F Increase of Velocity of GM Cymbals (#49,51,52,55,57,59)
Z 16A Increase of Hi-Hat - Decrease Snares and Bass of GM Drum Set
Z 16B Increase of Snares and Bass - Decrease Hi-Hat of GM Drum Set
Z 17A Velocity Accents in 1 and 3 quartes
Z 17B Velocity Accents in 2 and 4 quartes
Z 18A Velocity Accents in 1 quarte
Z 19A Solo Transformation and Double Octave Up Line
Z 19B Solo Transformation and Double Octave Down Line