Styles Set #7 for Style Enhancer Micro 2.0

Styles Set #7 - 50 new Performance Modeling algorithms, including Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno, Classic, and Ethnic styles. In this Set you will find new algorithms for Meter 7/8, as well as an original accompaniment generation styles "5/4 in 4/4" and "7/8 in 4/4".
You can take a quick look at how Styles work right now. Just click the following MIDI examples: Styles Set #7 MIDI Examples in zipped file [99.4KB].
Note: The optional SEM2.0 Styles Sets will only work with the Full Version Style Enhancer. Optional Style Sets will not work with the limited version of the SEM2.0 Lite.
Styles Set #7
Accordion 100P4'4G 10A 5'4 in 4'4 Pop Rhythm Fill
Accordion 60P4'4G 11A 8-th triplet Rhythm Fill
Accordion 130P4'4G 12A Latin Rhythm Fill
Accordion 130P4'4G 12B Latin Rhythm Fill
Banjo 110P4'4G 05A Rhythm Fill
Bass 120P4'4G 37A Generation 5'4 in 4'4 Fill from Chords
Bass 120P4'4G 38A Generation 7'8 in 4'4 Fill from Chords
Bass 90P4'4G 39A Generation Trance Fill from Chords
Bass 130P4'4G 40A Generation Techno Rhythm Fill
Bass 60P4'4G 41A Generation Ballad Line from Chords
Bass 85P7'8G 42A Generation M7'8 Pop Line from Chords
Bass 85P7'8G 42B Generation M7'8 Pop Line from Chords
Cello 70P4'4G 07A Generation Baroque Rhythm Fill
Cello 50P4'4G 08A Generation Baroque 8-th triplet Fill (Notes to Pitch)
Fiddle 110P4'4G 02A Generation Folk Rhythm Fill
Flute 85SG 19A Solo ''SHAMAN''
Flute 110P4'4G 20A Generation Ethnic Fill from Chords
Guitar 130P4'4G 62A Swing Rhythm Fill
Guitar 120P4'4G 63A 5'4 in 4'4 Folk Rhythm Fill
Guitar 85P4'4G 64A Country Rhythm Fill
Guitar 85P4'4G 64B Country Rhythm Fill
Guitar 90P4'4G 65A ''TITANIC'' Pop Rhythm Fill
Guitar 50P4'4G 66A Romantic Rhythm Fill
Guitar 60P4'4G 67A Steel Ballad Rhythm Fill
Guitar 75P4'4G 68A Rock Ballad Rhythm Fill
Guitar Distortion 90P4'4G 15A Pock Rhythm Fill
Guitar Distortion 180P4'4G 16A Rock Rhythm Fill
Harp 80P4'4G 01A Generation Classic Fill
Harpsichord 120P4'4G 05A Baroque Rhythm Fill
Human Voice 80SG 10A ''MONKS'' Solo with Double Line
Koto 85SG 01A Solo
Organ 120P4'4G 07A Pop Rhythm Fill
Organ 60P4'4G 08A Classic 8-th triplet Rhythm Fill
Piano 130P4'4G 29A Regtime Rhythm Fill
Piano 110P4'4G 30A Regtime 16-th triplet Rhythm Fill
Piano 120P4'4G 31A 5'4 in 4'4 Jazz Rhythm Fill
Piano 120P4'4G 32A 7'8 in 4'4 Jazz Rhythm Fill
Piano 90P4'4G 33A Generation Warm Arpeggio from Chords
Piano 80P4'4G 34A Pop Rhythm Fill
Piano 120P4'4G 35A Generation ''CHILD'' Rhythm Fill
Piano 90P7'8G 36A Generation M7'8 Pop Fill from Chords
Shanai 85SG 01B Solo
Strings 75P4'4G 08A 32-nd Rhythm Fill
Strings 80P4'4G 10A Romantic Rhythm Fill
Strings 120P4'4G 11A 5'4 in 4'4 Jazz Rhythm Fill
Synth 140P4'4G 13A Electric Rhythm Fill
Synth 90P4'4G 14A Generation ''ENIGMA'' Melodic Fill
Trumpet 110S 10A Classic Solo
Vibraphone 120P4'4G 05A Generation ''CHILD'' Rhythm Fill