Virtual Audio Cable 4 Trial Version Download

Here you can download fully-functional trial VAC version. Trial version can be used anywhere to evaluate product functionality. After 30 minutes, female voice starts to remind that this is a trial. Otherwise, there is no functionality restriction compared to the full version.
Download Virtual Audio Cable 4.70 trial (self-installing EXE) [934 KB; 17.04.2023.]
Download Virtual Audio Cable 4.70 trial (ZIP archive) [1.31 MB; 17.04.2023.]
The easiest way to open the user manual is to click the "Help" button in the first installation dialog, or in VAC Control Panel window (if already installed).
If recording/input endpoints are inaccessible in Windows 10, make sure that Microphone access is not disabled in Windows Settings - Privacy - Microphone.
If some application that use Kernel Streaming (KS) interface cannot see and/or access VAC pins (devices), try to switch Virtual Cable's port type from WaveRT (the default) to WavePci or WaveCyclic.
If the exclamation point icon is displayed on the left of Virtual Cable row in VAC Control Panel, please check driver's log and follow the suggestions to avoid audio interruptions and/or artifacts.
In case of downloading a ZIP archive, just extract the contents into an empty folder and run "setup" file for installation. Please read the "readme" file from the package for additional details.
All version packages contains the same fully-functional Audio Repeater binaries. Audio Repeater applications can be used freely and independently from VAC product.
You must remove any previous VAC version before installing the VAC4.70.