Virtual Audio Cable 4 Release History

Version 3.12 (09.01.06)
  • Fixed a bug caused boot-time hangup in some Windows versions (mostly in XP SP2).
Version 3.11 (02.12.05)
  • Fixed some deadlock problems.
Version 3.10 (14.07.05)
  • Control Panel restricted to be run in single instance only.
  • Setup utility updated for proper Terminal Services and Remote Desktop support.
Version 3.09 (06.06.05)
  • Fixed driver/cables disappearing after reboot in some systems and when using RemoteDesktop.
  • Changed noise in demo version to an attractive female voice (by Irina Kalatinskaya).
Version 3.08 (18.03.05)
  • Fixed a small bug that can cause cable transfer to stop after about 5 hours of continuous working.
Version 3.07 (16.03.05)
  • Fixed some minor bugs in mixer behavior.
  • Fixed Audio Repeater to properly set its priority under 2k/XP.
  • Improved sampling rate accuracy.
  • Better support for high resolution and/or multichannel formats (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE descriptors).
  • Improved installer functionality.
  • Now supporting 98/ME and 2k/XP only (support for 95/NT4 is discontinued).
Version 3.06 (11.05.03)
  • Fixed bugs caused bugchecks under NT/2k/XP (IRQL and memory leaks).
  • Fixed incorrect behavior in low resource conditions under 2k/XP.
  • Fixed some memory leaks under 9x/ME.
  • Fixed rare installation failures under 9x/ME.
  • Added number of input/output clients display to the Control Panel.
Version 3.05 (26.02.03)
  • Fixed a race condition within waveInReset/waveOutReset (last WAVEHDR might not have WHDR_DONE bit set upon return).
  • Fixed termination cleanup under NT/2k/XP (on abnormal application termination, there might be a system crash).
  • Fixed a synchronization bug occured if several cables are working simultaneously.
  • Added a fake mixer.
Version 3.04 (28.10.02)
  • Fixed a bug that caused VAC to use default values (number of cables and other) on boot under NT/2k/XP.
Version 3.03 (07.07.02)
  • Fixed a bug that caused VAC to crash under Windows XP.
  • Added a workaround to make VAC accessible from WinAMP and some other apps under Win2k. This was die to XP bug (the VAC user-mode driver DLL was statically linked with SETUPAPI.DLL which conflicts with some other system DLLs when dynamically loaded under Win2k.
  • Added a workaround to allow VAC to be reinstalled under WinXP without rebooting when configured with more than one cable. This was another XP bug related to symbolic link directory management.
Version 3.02 (02.07.02)
  • Fixed some minor bugs in VAC and Audio Repeater.
  • Added minor updates to Audio Repeater.
Version 3.01 (20.06.02)
  • Fixed a bug caused system crash under Win9x/ME.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in Audio Repeater.
  • Updated the installer to be able to remove old (2.xx) version in NT4/2000/XP.
  • Creating program group for all users if possible (NT4/2000/XP).
Version 3.00 (11.06.02)
  • Added synchronous mode support.
  • Added Control Panel application.
  • Created this hypertext help file.
  • Restricted the demo version usability.
  • Added the automatic installer/uninstaller.
  • Now distributed in a single package for Win 9x/ME and NT/2000/XP.