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  NOW and THEN we offer our products with discounts 20, 30 and even 100%%. Our new price list is here.

FREE full-functional software, FREE 32Mb GM SoundFont also available:
Onyx Arranger 2.1 LE (lite version of Onyx Arranger 2.1)
NTONYX Stylizer 1.0 (full-automatic real-time tool for transformation of MIDI-sequences)
SoundFont 32Mb GM Stereo Set
NTONYX MIDI Matrix (device driver for MIDI streams control)

  An MFX/VST auto-arranger for SONAR/Cakewalk, Cubase/Nuendo, Finale. All you need to create a professional song in your favorite DAW. Listen to the MP3, Cubase/SONAR projects examples.
  Auto-arranger/sequencer with auto-harmonization, performance modeling, flexible real-time control of MIDI data processing. Listen to the MIDI & MP3 examples.
  Style Enhancer 4.0 ($49), Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 ($39), Stylizer 1.0 (Free) will help you to get rid of tiresome editing of MIDI sequences adding a "human feel" to your compositions along with all necessary performance nuances. Listen to the MIDI & MP3 examples.
  Native Russian instruments and Essential Vibraphone in Kontakt, GIG formats. NTONYX SoundFonts, GigaSampler Sounds, Asian Ethnic Sounds (in acidized WAVs and SoundFonts).
  Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) ($49), Wave Clone ($29) and MIDI Matrix (Free) help connect virtually Audio and MIDI streams of your applications.
StyleMorpher 2.4 ($39) allows to morph in real-time Harmony, Meter, Rhythm and more.
MFX Kit 1 ($29) and MFX Kit 2 ($29) plug-ins for Cakewalk software provide an extremely flexible way of creation, control and alteration of MIDI data.
The best gift for us is your attention and your kind words such these:

"... I don't normally endorse products. But your Style Enhancer Micro software is the best musical tool to come out in the last 5 years. Unlike a lot of "hyped-up" software, your SEM really works, it makes a midi performance data sound like a real acoustical instrument performance, saves days of time and money, and is worth the minimal investment."
Cyrus Sullivan

"... Style Enhancer is a unique and powerful tool for use with midi creation, I don't know how I have managed to work with out it for the past few years."
Nick Thompson

You can read all SEM opinions here.

16.11.2018. Virtual Audio Cable 4.60 available now!!!
  • Added RT Audio packet streaming support.
  • Increased maximum number of supported channels to 32 (may cause problems, consult the manual).
  • Decreased default timer event period down to 3 ms to avoid RT Audio (WaveRT) glitches.
  • Show actual and potential cable/stream problems with state icons.
  • Show circular buffer duration and amount of buffered data (in milliseconds) in stream lists.
  • Show stream processing modes in stream lists.
  • Made application windows DPI aware (no blurring on high DPI displays).
  • Added high-resolution icons.
  • Added tooltips to application controls.
  • Added "Help" button to Audio Repeater applications.
  • Added a private property set accessible via any KS interface.
  • Added registry parameter for timer resolution adjustment.
  • Increased trial voice reminder delay to 30 minutes.
  • Added voice reminder status (silent/audible) indication to Control Panel.
  • Removed stream data buffer and stream watermark support because they were hard to tune and not very efficient against stream stability problems.
  • Some changes in Conrol API, not binary compatible with previous versions.
  • Fixed bug causing BSOD on some rare formats and settings combinations.
  • Fixed buffer notification positions.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
08.07.2018. Virtual Audio Cable 4.51 available now!
  • Added second INF file to install under Win 6.x (Vista, Win 7/8/8.1).
  • Changed class/interface GUIDs for the driver, Control API and Native Mode key (custom versions only).
  • Decreased noise level in Native Mode.
  • Uninstall entry is now created with a constant product GUID.
  • Minor bugfixes.
01.10.2018. Virtual Audio Cable 4.50 available now!
  • Fixed a bug caused Control Panel crash if VAC driver cannot be restarted.
  • Split monolithic cable KS filter into two separate render/capture filters.
  • Added WaveRT (RTAudio) and WaveCyclic port/miniport interface support.
  • Removed 16-cable limitation from the default INF file.
02.07.2016. Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 Build 208 is available!
01.04.2016. Virtual Audio Cable 4.15 available now!
01.24.2013. Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 Build 207 is available! Now works with SONAR 64-bit!
04.02.2012. Virtual Audio Cable 4.12 available now!
03.15.2012. Virtual Audio Cable 4.11 available now!
09.06.2011. Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 Build 107 is available! Now works under Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit.