Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 Additional Styles Sets

Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 (SEM2.0) includes a basic library of 100 Styles. However, a total of more than 450 Styles have been developed. Additional Styles are available in sets of 50. In these sets there are Styles for emulation of solo playing for various musical instruments and various manners, for the generation of accompaniment and many others.
You can add to the basic library another set of powerful Style-algorithms, which undoubtedly will allow you to expand the opportunities of your SEM2.0 and to create many new unique compositions.
As you can see, adjusting of Transformation Regulators, application of various modes of transformation, and also the variations of the initial musical texts and voices used, allow you to receive vast quantity of shades of performance. Also, the new voices (timbres) of your synthesizer device awakens you to creativity, and the new SEM2.0 Styles stimulate you to create new music and expands your opportunities, allowing creation of that which was inaccessible before. Welcome into musical space the additional Styles - your new opportunities to create unique and really "alive" songs!
View SEM2.0 Styles Sets:
Note: The optional Styles Sets are designed to work with the Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 either as a plug in to the host software (such as Sonar) as a stand alone Style Enhancer 4.0. The optional Styles will not work with the restricted version of Style Enhancer Lite.
Note for SEM1.28 users: In SEM2.0 you can use styles similar to the SEM1.28 ones (with the same Styles Set names), but most Styles have now more possibilities due to introduction of Variable parameter. In fact, the combination of Variable and save presets enables you to greatly expand your Style Library.